Buying a Home Has Never Been Easier!

There are so many wonderful communities in Calgary and the surrounding areas to choose from. Whether you are buying a new or resale home I can assist you in so many ways to ensure you receive the highest level of service and expertise. By providing access to accurate market information, current statistics and important trends you will become an informed purchaser!

Below is a list of commonly asked questions.

What are the costs above and beyond the price of the house?

There are additional costs when purchasing a home in Alberta. These costs can include:

  • Legal Fees
  • Property Inspection fees
  • Moving Costs
  • House Insurance
  • Appraisal Costs
  • Mortgage application fee
  • CMHC/Genworth insurance premium
Should I have an inspection done before I agree to buy a property?

Yes. An inspection allows for an unbiased third party to assess the condition of the home. This is the time to learn about the current state of the exterior, roofing, electrical system, plumbing, and heating for example. The cost of a home inspection will range depending on the size of the home.

Do I have to pay a deposit when I buy a property?

Yes and No! Although you do not legally have to give a deposit, most if not all vendors will not be satisfied with an offer if it is not accompanied with a deposit  in good faith of completing the transaction. Would you sell your home without a financial commitment from the buyer to try to complete the sale?

Are there any advantages for first time buyers?

First time buyers can use their RRSPs  to assist in the purchase. There are also other options your RRSP can be used for when acquiring a property and for more information visit or consult a tax professional.

Do I have to pay GST when I buy a property?

If the original developer or builder is not selling the property, you are not required to pay GST. If it is a new property being sold by the original developer or builder, GST will be applicable. When purchasing a new home, the price usually includes net GST and the rebate is assigned to the builder. GST also applies to the purchase of raw land, an empty lot and property that has been “substantially renovated”. Contact Canada Customs and Revenue Agency. or 1-800-9595525

If GST applies, can I apply for a GST rebate?

Yes. You will need to obtain the form GST 190 E(01). See the guide called GST/HST New Housing Rebate available from Revenue Canada. Contact Canada Customs and Revenue Agency at 1-800-959-5525 or Ask the lawyer or Notary handling the conveyancing for you to assist you in applying for the rebate. Please note that most new homes listed for sale with a Realtor and the Multiple Listing Service already include the net GST in the price of the home and the rebate is assigned to the builder unless otherwise agreed to in writing.

I already own a property. Should I buy or sell first?

This is a situation many home purchaser face. It depends on your personal circumstances and financial situation. Consult with us to discuss a strategy that best meets your needs.

What is Buyer's Agency?

Buyer’s agency is when a buyer appoints an agent to represent them in an agency relationship. The principal (in this case the buyer) appoints an agent (the company which the sales associate is licensed with) to represent them as their agent in the purchase of a property. The agent (the company and their sales associates) is legally obligated to protect and promote the interests of their principal. A principal (buyer) may appoint their agent through a written agreement called an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent Contract. This is similar to the listing contract that a seller would sign with an agent when appointing an agent to sell their property. An appointment of a buyer’s agent can also be made verbally. This process requires that a realtor describes the various forms of agency representation to a buyer and then receives verbal confirmation of their appointment as the buyer’s agent.

Should I list my home with the Realtor who simply suggests the highest price?

No!!!!! Make sure you have a solid understanding of comparative sales and listings in your area. Pricing of a property is up to the discretion of the Realtor and homeowner. Make sure you have all the facts before you list! The suggested asking price should be consistent with the market and price should not be the only criteria.

Do I pay a commission when I buy and sell a property?

A commission is payable when you sell a property, but not when you buy. The seller of the property is responsible to pay all commissions and those commissions are accounted for in the selling price of the home.