Selling Your Home

Selling your home can be a hassle free and enjoyable process if you are informed. For your convenience the following information and checklists will ensure that you are prepared, your home shows to the best of its ability and you will receive the best price possible.

Market conditions change on a fairly regular basis and can be seasonally, demographically or economically driven. Information is key to understanding how to price your property and is gathered through numerous research methods and statistics. Most notably, the Calgary Real Estate Board provides an advanced system for gathering data on area sales and this information is available to a Realtor. However, the process is more involved than that. Accurately pricing your home needs to involve researching prior sales, viewing current listings in the immediate area, accounting for upgrades, modifications, location AND experience.

If you are unaware of what similar homes are listed and selling for, how can you ensure your property is priced correctly? We believe it is important to show you what is actively listed in your immediate area. Most homeowners have an emotional attachment to their homes. Face it, our home is our castle and its worth every penny we think it is, right?! Not necessarily!!

A common practice that is frustrating and disappointing to everyone involved and if your home is not priced realistically – it will not sell.

Under pricing
Is there such a thing??? Yes. And it happens. By understanding current market conditions and becoming knowledgeable about sales in your area this will not happen to you. Remember, selling your home should be to your benefit, not just an easy sale.

Marketing and Advertising Your Home
How your property is marketed is critical. By making it available through numerous media sources your home will receive the best exposure possible. Such as:

Web Site
A web site is a fantastic tool to showcase a home. A well photographed property will clearly demonstrate all the best features of your home. All potential buyers are looking online and want access to pictures and detailed information before they visit your home. Through the web site a homebuyer can access detailed information about your lot, location, attached goods, measurements, upgrades and so much more. is aggressively marketed through numerous sources including bus benches, The Calgary Real Estate News, The Calgary Herald, Banner ads and the list goes on!

Feature Sheets
A well-written, dynamic brochure is produced for your home ensuring that every potential buyer has access to a feature sheet. A buyer often visits 5 or more houses in one day. We will ensure your home stands out from the rest.

Print Advertising
Consistent and frequent advertising in publications such as The Calgary Real Estate News, The Calgary Herald, Home and Land Magazine, specialty publications and direct mailers are all a big part of the selling campaign. Exposure is everything!!

Open House
Open houses are a great tool. I like to provide as much exposure to a property as possible and have been successful selling homes from an open house.

Word of Mouth
Start talking!! I am often asked to let other Realtors and prospective homebuyers know if a certain type of property is available. Picking up the phone and calling these contacts often results in a sale.