Hugh Yu and Eva Shang

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We worked with Susanne to find our first home, and could not have asked for a better realtor to work with.

When we started working with Susanne, we had very little idea what we was looking for and she helped us to really narrow down what we needed and what best fit our lifestyle.  We first gave a list of communities within the city range that we would like to live. She took us to see a couple of houses in different areas of the city just to get her true feeling on what we like first. We then were able to further narrow down our list of communities.  Once we narrowed that down, on top of receiving updated listing, we also received recommendations from her whenever she saw a good property.

We, I particularly, want only a big bungalow and a big yard. It is almost impossible to find it at our price range, besides working hard to find us the right properties, Susanne also encouraged us to open our eyes, she took us out to expand our horizon to see properties that are brand new infills, 2-stories and in communities we never thought of. We end up purchasing a 2-story property in Killarney and we are very happy with.

We shopped on the market for 6-month. During the entire time, Susanne was very patient.

Susanne is good at keeping emotions in check, and making sure that the business aspects of the house and sale are being considered first, and she wasn’t afraid to remind us when we were getting too emotionally invested or not thinking with the right frame of mind about a property, or a part of the buying process.

Susanne is always available, day or night when you need her and she really makes you feel well taken care of. We have already recommended Susanne to all our friends and would recommend her to anyone who is buying a house in Calgary.

Hugh Yu and Eva Shang February 28, 2016

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